What does CloudLinux do for you?

In the past few days there has been alot of buzz about SingleHop offering CloudLinux as the first product in our Cascade cloud hosting lineup. So while many computer enthusiast get fascinated when one puts the word "cloud" and the world "linux" together, what does this innovating OS really offer you that is cloud like and linux like at the same time?

For starters, CloudLinux was designed with stability in mind. The promise of cloud hosting, whether it is done in a massive computer-grid scale, or it is done inside your own dedicated server, demands at its core that all VM's running on it be as stable as possible. That one has astounding scalability is amazing and rewarding, but scalability means nothing without stability. CloudLinux was designed with a key technology called Lightweight Virtual Environment, or LVE. LVE  is simply a kernel level technology that allows you to control resources for group of processes. Such technology allows for application level virtualization, and especially beneficial for multi-tenant environments such as shared hosting. In shared hosting environment such limits make sure that no single site can slow down or take down a server.

In more basic words (not that you need them) LVE allows you to have your cake and eat it too! You can offer a cloud-hosting environment and minutely manage the resources that each environment is using with CloudLinux. Furthermore, it helps you ensure that the system's performance is evenly distributed, or unevenly distributed as you may design it to be, between environments based on how much they pay or whatever other specifications you choose to apply.

So.. your interested. But, how accessible is CloudLinux to use? Well, with support for multiple control panels CloudLinux is in no way trying to re-invent the wheel. It simply giving you tools and resources to more intelligently and expertly manage your hardware resources in a shared hosting environment. CloudLinux supports the following control panels:

So without much more ado, we are very excited to have CloudLinux as the very first product that is launched under our Cascade cloud hosting system.

Happy Hosting!