We're back baby! #25 on the Inc. 500

And it’s all thanks to our clients, literally!  Without you we would have two massive data centers with nearly 9,000 very lonely servers!

“Making the Inc.500 list for the second year in a row is a tremendous honor. Our company has historically focused on automating the management of Internet infrastructure, so we find this be a loud and clear message that we’ve been focusing on what customers want from their provider,” said Zak Boca, President and Chief Executive Officer of SingleHop.

To be included in the Inc. 500, a firm must demonstrate exceptional growth for a period of at least three years. SingleHop's inclusion as a top 25 firm exhibits tenacious determination to grow in spite of and through the current weak economic climate. Only four other companies in the top 25 were listed in the 2010 INC 500.

In an extremely competitive industry, SingleHop, Inc. has continued to stay ahead of its competitors by quickly and efficiently anticipating technology trends and clients’ needs.

“Our strategy has always been to invent new ways to empower our clients with more control over their servers. That’s our value proposition and it’s resonated strongly with the IT community. Businesses choose to partner with us because we hand them the remote control from day one,” said Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Dan Ushman.