Welcome to The Platform You Can Depend On

In the Internet infrastructure world, technical dependability has always and will always be king. The importance of reliability is akin to the very existence of a provider in the first place. Nothing can trigger the equivalent of a run-on-the-bank like an extended outage or frequent pattern of downtime. We know that is important, but to us, being dependable means a lot more than just keeping power flowing and the network up. For us, it's a way of life.

The Platform You Can Depend On

For SingleHop, being dependable means providing a consistent experience across the board. Customer service quality, service timeliness, hardware upgrade speeds, the responsiveness of our LEAP Client Portal and API, and the predictability of the results and outcome all speak directly to the impression and appearance of dependability (or, in absence of these qualities, the lack of dependability.) Even if the network is stable, if another aspect of service is inconsistent, then the value of the provider is reduced overall. So the moral here is that to SingleHop, being dependable is a lot more than just being reliable.

Design & Deploy the Infrastructure you Need to bring your Ideas to Life.

The “Platform” part of “The Platform You Can Depend On” is just as important as the “Depend On” part to us. Here’s why: We offer a lot more than servers. The value we offer is not even always in the servers as much as what comes with the them. We offer a platform where customers can design, deploy & manage any infrastructure, in any configuration, from one place. We provide the ability to remotely control infrastructure in ways never before possible. You can install, re-install, suspend, deploy, re-deploy, restart, remotely configure, modify, clone, and decommission entire solutions from your computer or iPhone. Or, you can use our API to write machine logic to manage your infrastructure for you. The possibilities are endless. And still, that is only part of it. This flexibility is extended to everything else we do, from managed services, to upgrades through to networking. All of this is backed up by real, human support 24 hours per day 7 days per week.

Your Ideas, Deployed Faster.

In fact, the quality of something as routine as tech support is a key part of being a reliable platform. So at SingleHop, your service is provided by a tech physically located in the data center where your equipment is, and service is never outsourced to another company, or another country. It's always handled by an in-house employee of SingleHop who is trained to do things our way.

So that’s why we choose to call ourselves “The Platform You Can Depend On”. To us, it’s much more than a marketing slogan. It's a phrase that describes perfectly how we operate, it’s what we sell, and it’s how we sell it. With all that said, welcome to The Platform You Can Depend On. Where you can deploy the infrastructure you need to bring your ideas to life.