We manage our company meetings differently too!

Here at SingleHop, a lot of people know we do things differently but they probably don't expect our company meetings to be different too! Last Thursday we held a company meeting after  hours to discuss our recent growth and new data center while taking some much needed relaxation on our 3rd floor deck.

Meeting on the deck

After a long discussion headed by President & CEO, Zac Boca, we decided it was time for a little bonding amongst coworkers and what better way than Whirlyball!?!For those of you who have not had the great pleasure of playing such a fine sport, whirlyball is a mix of bumper cars, lacrosse and basketball. Mix in the sales team's competitive drive with the tech's bone crushing strength and you've got yourself a SingleHop primetime event!

After several hours of ramming into one another and crashing into walls, the sales team was overwhelming victorious! (and I'm not just saying that because I am in sales!) Leading the way for the sales team was the undefeated, scoring machine known as Chris Larkin who was a terror up and down the court. When asked for a comment on the game, Chris replied, "What can I say?I was dominating so much.. I was already ramming someone else by the time I shot the ball into the target!"

In the end we decided to put down the whirlyball mitts and shoot each other in laser tag that is. Overall it was a fantastic night that lead to a lot of laughs and memorable moments for us SingleHopper's, however, the next day was a different story as it was filled with bruises, blisters, aches and pains!

Check out some of the photos for yourself!

Whirlyball Madness