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This blog is a repost from Storage Switzerland, specifically Virtual and Physical Server SLA Deployment - SingleHop and reflects the views of their company. We thank Storage Switzerland for their independent analysis of our service.

SingleHop, a US based, hosted IT infrastructure and Cloud computing provider, is capitalizing on their ability to quickly and securely automate the deployment of dedicated server hardware platforms into cloud and hosted co-location facilities.

Automated Server Deployment

Founded in 2006, SingleHop focuses on helping businesses rapidly deploy physical or virtual server infrastructure (or a hybrid thereof) into US or European based SingleHop data center facilities, through a custom designed server deployment software automation tool called LEAP. SingleHop customers can use the LEAP platform to remotely provision, manage and scale virtual and physical server infrastructure resources on demand.

Many businesses are reluctant to deploy critical business applications into multi-tenant cloud environments over concerns about quality of service (QoS) and security. In multi-tenant cloud computing infrastructure, multiple client business applications coexist on the same hypervisor server infrastructure, creating the potential for CPU, memory and storage I/O contention. Referred to as the "noisy neighbor" syndrome, this condition along with the potential for security breaches occurring due to multi-organization/multi-user access on the same underlying equipment, raises genuine concerns for those that might otherwise adopt cloud computing offerings.

For these reasons, some organizations are opting to defer adoption of multi-tenant public cloud infrastructure and instead are deploying dedicated virtualized server infrastructure into hosted infrastructure data centers, like SingleHop's, to meet their growing business application needs.

Service Level Guaranteed

Another often cited reason for the slow adoption of outsourcing critical business infrastructure is the lack of discernible service level agreements (SLAs) from hosted service providers. In addition to providing an intuitive server deployment and management software interface, SingleHop extends a written SLA which guarantees that physical server infrastructure resources will be deployed in under one hour or less. If SingleHop fails to meet the SLA, a partial credit is posted to a customer's account. This same customer oriented SLA guarantee approach extends to hardware break/fix response times, trouble ticket turnaround time as well as several other important operational metrics like network and power uptime.

R&D Partner to Hosting Providers

To bring their offering to market, SingleHop is leveraging a channel model composed of value added resellers (VARs) and hosting providers, which accounts for a significant portion of their annual revenues. The company is now focusing their efforts on white labeling their solution so that VARs and hosting providers can apply their unique branding to the service as they offer it to their existing and prospective clients.

By moving closer towards an all channel sales model, SingleHop is looking to establish a symbiotic relationship with their partners whereby they can act as their research and development arm by introducing new software products to simplify the management and enhance the time to market, for deploying cloud oriented compute infrastructure. In turn, SingleHop's partner community can independently drive sales of their offerings through turn-key, white labeled infrastructure service offerings.

Storage Swiss Take

Automating and simplifying the deployment of physical or virtual server infrastructure is a fundamental capability for any reseller or hosting service provider that wishes to compete in the burgeoning cloud computing market space. To truly differentiate their offerings from the industry juggernauts, however, aspiring cloud infrastructure providers also need to demonstrate market leadership by assigning SLAs to their deliverables that actually mean something.

SingleHop has built the software and data center infrastructure foundation to enable their partner ecosystem to attract, retain and effectively compete in the growing cloud computing market space. By white labeling the SingleHop offering and providing the high touch customer service that many businesses have come to demand, SingleHop partners can capture cloud market share within their respective regions and cultivate their own spheres of influence within the cloud computing universe.

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