Top Ten Things You Need to Know about the Tandem Reseller Program

Greetings Singlehop Fans and Clients!  The new reseller hosting program is finally here and in full swing.  We’re all excited about the new launch of the Tandem Reseller program, but you might still have some questions— so I have created what I believe are the TOP TEN things to know about Tandem.  Please use this as a guide when signing up for the program.

1.)   You do not have to have a minimum number of dedicated servers to be a part of the program, or a to meet a specific quota each month.  The system is completely free for any reseller.

2.)   Just for signing up as a Tandem reseller, you are entitled to the following perks:

•Free Set of Demo Wolf Tutorials (Must contact Account Executive)
•Free Unlimited GlobalSign SSL Certificates (These are unlimited ALPHA SSL’s that will need to bound to the IP/s of the servers of your choice within your account.  This can be generated by you manually via your LEAP account or manually by your Account Executive)
•Free banner ad set (must have at least 1 paid server).  Sizes include 468x60, 160x600, 728x90, 120x60 and 234x60.  (Must Contact your Account Executive)
•Free Toll Free Forwarding Phone Number Service (Trail Service that provides a number of free minutes based on your location, contact an Account Executive for more details)
•eFax Trial Links (30 Day Trial and 180 Day Trial)
•MySpace $50 in Free Ad Clicks (Must Contact your Account Executive)
•Custom Tandem-front-end user guide, branded with your logo and style
•Free R1 Soft Agent Details.  (Must add R1 Soft via Account Executive and must pay $1.50 per GB of stored data including OS data.  Backups are billed on actual usage at peak time during the month Since R1 Soft backups are based on the hard drives used partitioned data.)

3.)    Some additional benefits that are standard for all reseller accounts can be seen in our tier discount levels:

•5% discount with 3-5 dedicated servers
•8% discount with 6-11 dedicated servers
•10% discount with 12-20 dedicated servers
•12% discount with 21-40 dedicated servers
•15% discount with 41+ dedicated servers

We are also, for a limited time, offering two new server Intel packages to get you and your business started:

i.)   Nehalem 5520 Intel Xeon Quad Core 2.26GHz 8MB cache (Second processor can be added for just $40/mo)

•12 GB of RAM
•1 TB Drive (can hold up to 4 hard drives in a Raid configuration)
•5 TB Bandwidth on a 100Mbps port
•CentOS 5.x 64-bit

Monthly cost:  $179/mo!!

ii.)    Xeon E3110 Intel Xeon Dual Core 3.0Ghz w/6MB l2 cache

•500 GB Drive (holds up to 2 hard drives in a Raid configuration)
•5 TB Bandwidth on a 100 Mbps port
•CentOS 5.x 64-bit

Monthly Cost:  $119/mo!!!

Our management services are priced as follow on a per server basis:

•Take 2 Management Services: $49.95/mo
•Take 4 Management Services: $99.95/mo
•Take All Management Services: $139.95/mo

Management selections:

4.)   To sign up as a Tandem reseller and access all the Tandem user offers, use the following link:

5.)   Please note that upon signing up, you should use our default ( as the base hostname to your Reseller URL.  This means that your Tandem hostname would be (your company name)  This will allow us to create the SSL certificate for that URL and cut time in getting you set up as a Reseller with your own White Label program in Tandem.

Login Screen. Your logo goes where the "Total Server Control" text is located.

Please note that, if you wish to use your own URL, you must use a sub-domain of your existing registered domain that does not have a website or SSL assigned to it.  An example of this would be “”  If you choose to utilize this URL form for your Tandem program, we will still supply the SSL free, but will need to create a custom IP for you to point the A record of your domain to, as well as generate an SSL certificate, which will then need to be confirmed and verified through an admin@ email for the domain you intend to have your sub-domain URL based on (any questions, contact a sales associate).

Tandem Control Panel- What your customers use.

6.)   Once you have completed the process, you will receive SingleHop LEAP account login credentials along with a Tandem email providing you with your URL.  The LEAP account is your control panel with us, which allows you to directly perform upgrades, downgrades, review invoices, and open sales or support tickets.  You may also access LEAP from your mobile device by going to from your cell phone's browser.

7.)   Upon logging in you may see your Tandem Reseller account in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, this is where you will go to setup your clients under the User section of your account.

Please note that your account executive, once assigned, will have their contact information listed on the first Welcome Tab of the Tandem account.

8.)   Once you have signed up, you should contact our sales team to speak with your current Account Executive, or be assigned one if you have not had any correspondence with our sales team members.;;

9.)   Remember, this program is to provide a white label reseller account for you to assist your company in reselling Singlehop.Com dedicated servers.  You should have a billing system or your own website in place, and use Tandem as an addition to manage your clients’ server experience.  We do not offer website design, but have many resources and vendors that can assist with ensuring that your company, no matter how small or large, will have a successful partnership with SingleHop.

10.)  Please note that if you are selecting an unmanaged solution, then you will be assuming full admin responsibility for the server so you should be capable of handling all troubleshooting aspects of the system for your client.  But if you do wish for our tech support team’s assistance, we provide a “LET SINGLEHOP SUPPORT HANDLE IT” feature in your Tandem account at just $10 per issue that you wish to have our support members assist you with.

The goal of this program is to ensure that you are able to run a successful reseller business with Tandem  “Sell more servers, have more control, make better margins” isn’t just a slogan, it’s the principle around which the program features were designed—a service that we’re committed to providing for you.  I would certainly encourage all clients and potential clients alike to check out the saving we are offering with the program and reach out to myself or one of my colleagues with further questions.  Because at, we manage dedicated solutions differently, and your input is always priority number one with us. Start reselling dedicated servers today!

Miguel Villegas
Account Executive
SingleHop, Inc.
Phone: 1-866-817-2811 ext. 104