Top 40 Under 40. Amazing.

A few months ago SingleHop was honored to be included at #58 in this years INC 500 list of the fastest growing companies- we came in at 3800% in growth between '06 & '09!

Well, behind each of the great companies honored in the INC 500 there are thousands of hard working employees who make the magic happen day in and day out. Some of these employees also happen to be visionaries, risk takers, founders- in short, entrepreneurs. If you've studied some basic economic theory you will be acquainted with the fact that apart from natural resources, human time & labor, and basic capital such as money or factories... or servers ;) entrepreneurs are the fourth key ingredient for economic growth. These are the individuals who have a new idea and pull people, equipment, and whatever money they can spare to make the vision take place. These individuals are rare and due to their uncanny talent to disrupt the status quo and create value they should most certainly be celebrated and recognized when they have done en exemplary job.

That is why, along with the celebration of the great accomplishments that SingleHop as a whole has achieved, this week we are honored with the fact that one of SingleHop's two founders was named in 2010's Top 40 under 40 list!! This is an extraordinarily prestigious list put together by one of the most respected names in business publishing- Crain's Communications.

Zak was honored for his tenacity and hard work as an entrepreneur, work which has generated hundreds of jobs, and a powerful glow of economic growth in Chicago. Feel free to give your Kudos to Zak via twitter @Zakboca

To see Zak's interview, with Crains head on to: