ThinkIT Year in Review 2017

A lot of “new” happened on the blog this year –  new format, new layout, new writers, new video content, and new readers . . . a lot of new readers, actually. As we get ready to close out this awesome year of ThinkIT, the official SingleHop blog, l am taking this post to share my favorite moments of 2017. We would love to hear about your favorite posts in the comments.

1) Being named one of the best cloud computing tech blogs

As someone on the comm team, I get offers all the time to buy my way to an award or title (none of which we respond to). So when Feedspot named SingleHop one of the top 30 cloud computing tech blogs without so much as a conversation with us about content, we were stoked. In fact, they named ThinkIT just a few ticks below Microsoft, Google and VMware.  I had to check and make sure there were no strings attached. Here is Feedspot’s quote:

“Our editorial team does extensive research on the web to find blogs relevant to the topic. We review every single blog and rank based on our own subjective and objective review along with publicly available metrics such as a company’s facebook, twitter followers, its traffic rank (given by alexa), its post frequency, how old the blog is, consistency of blog posts and more.”

Truth be told, our blog traffic doubled in 2017, all thanks to our readers. We continue to try and impress you with relevant and helpful content. We look forward to exceeding your already high expectations in 2018.

2) Living the Ninja life

In 2017 the entire SingleHop team buckled up to deliver the best set of Business Continuity offerings available to mid-market businesses. We were named Veeam’s Partner of the Year for delivering best in service cloud backups (you can try our service free for thirty days – no credit card req – just sayin’.) Then we made Disaster Recovery as a Service accessible for all by delivering a two-tiered service model including Standby DRaaS and Active DRaaS. Check out blogger and business continuity expert Joe Warpinski’s writing on the topic for a great advice on how to approach your DR strategy.  

But, my favorite moment was working with the team on this laugh-out-loud ransomware infographic.

The next time that you get an email with the subject “YOU WIN !!! 100 500 millions!”, think of ThinkIT and the ransomware ninjas.  

3) Diving Deep into Private Cloud

For many of our clients, Private Cloud is the best-fit infrastructure for at least one of their priority workloads (although they may not know this before an in-depth consultation with our architects). While we deliver lots of thought leadership on trending topics like AWS vs. Private Cloud, none were quite as impressive as our 15-page Ebook on the economic benefits of Private Cloud. Is it too much to use this blog to brag on the small SingleHop team that made this deep dive into Private Cloud truly spectacular content? I think not.

4) Changing the AWS Cloud game

Servers are dead. Apps rule.

Well, maybe servers aren’t dead. At least don’t tell anyone at SingleHop I said that. But our loyal customers care more about the availability, performance and optimization of their application workloads than the servers they run on. So as we launched our Managed AWS Cloud Service, we did it in a way no other service provider had explored. As our CEO Zak Boca explained, by placing the focus on applications, we can deliver performance stats for each priority workload a business runs and even pinpoint per application cost estimates. Such info allows midsize businesses to  know exactly what each department, initiatives or large client (with dedicated resources or apps) are costing them.

Check out our official playbook on making apps the focus in this free downloadable.

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