The Wonderful World of Control Panels

So you are looking for a dedicated server, and realize oh jeez I don't know a whole lot about managing a dedicated server. Besides doing the obvious and making sure your server is managed you should think about getting yourself some sort of control panel. Control panels will give you the ability to do important tasks without knowing the SSH command in Linux, or the right place to look in Windows. Some examples would be: adding an e-mail address, password protecting a directory, setting up FTP accounts, viewing statistics, not having to install php and mysql, not having to install an e-mail server, and on and on.

What kinds of control panels are available?
There are all sorts of different control panels out there. The most popular ones are cPanel, and PleskĀ cPanel you can only use on Linux based boxes, and Plesk can be used on both but most of the time it's used on Windows boxes because cPanel seems to be a bit better with the Linux OS, and it offers more capabilities.

What else will a control panel do for me?
Well do you expect your website, or websites to grow so much your going to need to get into a bigger and better server? Well this is another thing a control panel can help you with. cPanel and Plesk come with a system to help automatically transfer data from one server to another. This takes the very time consuming process of migrating data out of your hands and puts it into the very capable hands of a computer that doesn't have kids, doesn't need to eat, and doesn't need to sleep. Think of all of the other fun stuff you can do while your server does the hard stuff. Another great thing about control panels is that they give you tools to diagnose minor problems, see how much of a load is on your server, check error logs or other various logs, setup databases with a few clicks of a button and much more.

Where do I signup?
Any of our dedicated servers can have a control panel on them. We recommend getting one unless you're an expert in maintaining a server. You can contact your account executive for pricing and assistance with getting your very own control panel setup on your server.