The Intel E2200 Versus the Intel E6320

E2200 versus the E6320, which is better?

Which processor is better depends a lot on your definition of better.

The E2200 is clocked at 2.2GHz and slightly outperforms the E6320 which is clocked at 1.86GHZ. This slight performance boost does come at a price though. The E220 runs hotter than the E6320 and as such, there is a greater risk of it overheating. For those of you of the "green" persuasion, since the E6320 runs cooler, it is more power efficient and reduces carbon emmissions. Obviously there are benefits to be had from both processors, so it just comes down to which metric is most important to you.

Take a look at these links for the benchmark figures as well as comparisons to other common processors: