The Digital Marketing Closer – Introducing Retargeting

If you have a web site, or just about any web presence, and you aren’t using retargeting as part of your cross channel strategy, you are missing the boat.  Retargeting is hands down, the most efficient and cost effective way to drive leads and e-commerce sales, while also promoting brand awareness. A handy digital marketing solution all wrapped up into one convenient and affordable bundle.

You work as a marketer and/or business owner to drive traffic to your site in a variety of ways, across multiple channels including: display advertising, e-mail marketing, social media promotions, PPC advertising, content generation, search engine optimization and more. It represents a huge part of your business and brand awareness strategy. It can also represent a large part of your budget each month. Those efforts are just to get people to the proverbial table (website) – not necessarily “help them eat (convert).”

So how do you help them eat?

The strategy for retargeting traffic is fairly straightforward. Let’s say you want to start a diverse digital media buying and display strategy, but also want to make the most of that investment. What happens with a retargeting service like AdRoll, is each person who visits the site gets tagged with a cookie and they are segmented off based on where they visited or even where they exited from (assuming they didn’t convert/purchase). When the visitor looks at one of your products (B2C) or a service option (B2B), then leaves, the retargeting banners will stay front and center across a variety of sites. These include a wide range of high quality sites like and more – display placements in most cases, that you wouldn’t have the budget to afford (considering monstrous minimum buys, minimal ROI on display alone, etc.).

So not only does retargeting help you segment your traffic, it keeps relevant offers/messaging in front of the most targeted and qualified audience you could wish for – people that have already crawled your site and experienced your brand.

Below are some other strategies to consider with a retargeting spend:

Brand Awareness – Stay in front of your audience with more passive messaging and build credibility in your brand then bring them back over time.

Recapture Funnel Bounces – For anyone that leaves your ecommerce order funnel (shopping cart), you can bring them back with enticing offers to capitalize on impulse.

Combine High Intent & “Whale” Hunting – Start with a more aggressive promotions (discounts, coupons, etc.) and messaging, with a higher frequency cap, then over time, push more value driven messaging (customer service, differentiators, etc.) with a lower frequency cap.

Expand to FacebookUtilizing a dynamic buy on FBX, you can retarget your potential or existing base through the news feed and side feed on Facebook. This effectively gives you an additional presence to passively or aggressively market your brand.

In summary, retargeting allows you to maximize your entire marketing budget, stay in front of relevant site traffic after it leaves and fill the funnel for sales  - all at a very low cost.  In what interesting ways have you implemented retargeting for your business or organization?