The 5 benefits of White-Label Cloud Computing for the VAR

Value Added Resellers (VAR) and Systems Integrators (SI) are evaluating which cloud providers to partner with to offer a complete solution to their clients. And they have a lot of choices. We offer two ways our partners can provide SingleHop products and services to their clients. The first is by selling through our Channel Partner or Referral Program whereas we pay our partners a commission, but what is becoming more popular with both SIs and VARs is to offer a white-labeled solution.

  1. Own the Customer
    By white-labeling a cloud computing product you own the customer and are responsible for the customer experience by being their first point of contact for support. You can bill for your time similar to a service contract. Because we will give you root password access to your clients servers, you can do anything with a cloud product you would be able to do with premise-based solution.
  2. Control the Margins
    Because you are reselling our product, you control the margins. You can increase or decrease the price to the end-user, depending on the client’s particular situations and the constraints of the market. You know better than us what you can charge your client.
  3. Project an image of a much larger organization.
    By white-labeling our cloud product you can project the image of a much larger company without spending the millions of dollars and years of development to build out your own platform.
  4. Turn a one sale into an annuity stream.
    When you convert a premise-based customer to a cloud client, you are gaining a long-term revenue stream instead just getting a one-time commission. For example, if you client wants to buy a server for $8,000 at 20% gross margin you get paid $1,600. But if you sold the same server in our data center and charged $995 with a 20% margin you get nearly $198 per month. In the first year alone, you make $2388 and that would continue year and after year.
  5. Upsell the client complementary products
    Our product line complements the existing product line of many of our VAR partners. In addition to selling their own software and licenses, our VAR partners can offer professional services around migrations, security strategies, and managed services to increase the stickiness of the client and also increase your revenues.

Which option to offer your clients will depend on a variety of factors including your billing system, support options, and value added products and services you may bundle with the cloud products. One of our Channel Sales Consultants will be happy to answer any questions and help you make the best and most profitable decision for your business.