Ten times better. And I like it! 100Mbps Uplink Ports for SingleHop customers.

I would like to start off by saying that I am not just an employee here at SingleHop.  I am also a client.

I have an e5200 server that I bought from SH a few months ago. On this one, and other servers that I've owned, I had 10-megabit connections. Although I wanted more capacity, I could not find a company that offered the specs I wanted, including a 100 mbit port, and a price I could afford. Eventually I went with SingleHop because their prices and specs fit best with what I was looking for. They too, though, didn't offer 100-megabit uplinks. Until now! Starting today, every SingleHop customer has access to 100-megabit uplinks at no cost.

For comparison, most people at their house now have around 5 megabits down, if they have any type of high-speed internet. While this is a good enough speed for most people, it's definitely not enough for me. I stream music from my server and need a lot more capacity than that. I also put a bunch of large images that are not modified from my camera. They are pretty big and take a while to load even on my 8 mbit down and 1 megabit up Speakeasy DSL line. I also use it to RDP into for my AIM and such. I can even RDP (remote desktop protocol) in from my phone. With the 100-megabit port I can do all that and more, with less latency, more speed, and even a line of defense against DDoS attacks.

I am happy to know that when I have a bunch of people viewing my pictures and listening to one of the MP3 streams that I am hosting, we all benefit from less lag.