Features the SingleHop Startup Story

We at SingleHop are not shy about our bootstrapped beginnings. In fact we love them!  It is the take-no-prisoners attitude that allows our company to continue to grow at such a rapid rate…

Sure, we might not be considered a startup anymore as we just celebrated our 5th anniversary, but that does not mean an ounce of that startup energy has left the building.  Quite the contrary actually, as we continue to add the right people to our team, that original energy grows exponentially.

The timeliest example of this is the office atmosphere right now! We are in the final stages of preparation for the highly anticipated release of LEAP3, which has equated to long hours and lots of training for everyone.  Oh, and did I mention we just took over more office space in our building? Yes, that’s right, in the middle of the insanity that is a product launch we had movers all over the office this earlier this week. With new SingleHoppers joining the team each week, it was necessity.

There were boxes, cords, computers, frogs (fake ones) everywhere and no one complained.  People just shuffled around from one desk to the next making sure our clients never felt the craziness.   I think that speaks volumes about our company's culture and our origins.

If you want to read more about those origins, check out the latest article from, a Chicago based site that is the hub for all things startups! We love these guys!