Tandem by SingleHop

Everyone, this is Mike Crosse SingleHop's Channel Program Manager, aka as Tandem Reseller System Manager.

I have always claimed to be a fan of autumn in Chicago, but this year, spring is really working for me!  Joining SingleHop has been invigorating, refreshing, and a nice change to the dreary Chicago winter.

I joined one of the best and certainly fastest growing dedicated hosting providers around, and am excited with the challenge of taking Tandem, our revolutionary hosting reseller service, to the next level where it continues to offer breakthrough benefits and advantages far above and beyond anything else in the industry.  If you are reselling dedicated servers, or reselling web hosting, we have what you need, right here:  Tandem

The hosting reseller market is constantly growing and evolving, and our goal thus far and in the future is to redefine the market, and make Tandem the hosting reseller leader worldwide.  With your input, we will get this task completed.  I am an open door kind of guy, and am reachable at most times, so please feel free to contact me when you have a question, need, or suggestion(s).  I can be reached at mcrosse@singlehop.com or (312) 447-2580 x 108.

I’m here to help, and look forward to making Tandem the #1 choice of web hosting resellers!