Change Can be Scary, But Not With SingleHop

Any time you go into a new experience there is an adjustment period. This could be purchasing a new car, changing financial institutions, or starting a new job. The bottom line is that change takes time, patience, and understanding. At SingleHop we recently created a team of specialists that help our new clients adapt to their new product and/or services.

After doing extensive research and utilizing our Net Promoter Score (NPS) tool we discovered that the longer our clients stay the happier they are. We saw the opportunity to better our systems and service to our newest clients to ensure that their first 120 days are nothing but smooth sailing. Switching providers can be an extremely stressful process when you consider all of the factors - the migration process, a different technical support team, and billing just to name a few.

Our team of New Client Specialists' (NCS) goal is to make sure the transition is as seamless as possible. If this means daily phone calls or simply monthly checkups, our guys make sure the job is done and done well. I recently had the chance to speak Ryan Joyner, one of our specialist about this newly formed team.

How important are the first 120 days?

The first 120 days are very important because it sets the standard for what kind of service they are going to receive. The better we can make their experience, the more likely we will be able to build a lasting business relationship.

How have clients reacted when they find out about the level of detailed service they're going to receive when they become a SingleHop client?

So far we've received a great amount of positive feedback about the program. I think people really like knowing they have someone they can quickly contact to solve a problem. This is a note I received from someone just this morning:

"Thanks for your contact. I really appreciate the way you at SingleHop take care of your clients. I never experienced this level of customer care, and I’m really satisfied. For sure I will make contact with you if I have some question or need some information. I also would like to be contacted via email, cause its easier for me, I fell more comfortable."

To no surprise the New Client  Specialist group will continue to grow and improve as time goes by!