Stop Making it so Darn Confusing!

How many times have you talked to a doctor and not known what the hell he was talking about? What about a lawyer, maybe a car mechanic, or even a computer technician? Well what's interesting is that these are MASSIVE industries, and it's rare to see an organization that can present their services on a level that the customer can understand. Managed dedicated servers are no exception. Companies that require managed services don't want to manage that side of the business- they want us to present a clear and concise solution for their business, and that's what we went for.

When dreaming up ideas for SingleHop, we were in a fortunate position to test services to midPhase's dedicated client base, which was pretty substantial. To get started, we set out following suit of some of our competitors, and provided an all-inclusive management service. Initially, I thought that this was the most logical step- one that took the confusion out, and kept things pretty simple for the customer. You come to us, and we'll manage everything. The drawback with this solution was that in order to do this on a mass scale, we would have to keep our prices pretty high, and things have changed since the late 90's. Not all companies today require complete management, so that was no good. We had to find a solution that was not only transparent, in that the customer knew exactly what they were purchasing (read: not confusing), but a solution that would allow customers to select management services that they actually needed, and weren't simply required to purchase to be a customer with us.

Our next step was attempting to develop tiered support packages, which seems to be what most of our competitors are offering. Package A provides this, B gives this, and so on, but we still felt that this wasn't transparent, or flexible enough, to offer.

After some thought, we opted to go with allowing customers to completely build their management packages which, surprisingly, is a new concept for this industry. We had a growing list of management services to provide, that were bundled from our first attempt at providing an all inclusive service, and we split them up allowing customers to purchase only what their business required. If you already have someone on staff that's familiar with cPanel, or updating kernels, you don't need to pay twice for it- have them do it, and pay for what you could actually use, like our backups or monitoring services... or not.

We launched SingleHop in early November of 2006, so we're not even four months old yet, but we've been growing by leaps and bounds, and there's no slowing down insight. Today, in fact, we're very excited to see this recognized by, who announced that they have ranked us as a Top 3 Fastest Growing Hosting Company in an industry with thousands, and thousands of providers. In addition to the hard work that our employees continually put in, I think we can attribute much of our success to taking much of the confusion out of managed hosting, and meeting today's needs of customers.