Startup Mixology- A 3 ft Ice frog, two partners & a live stream.

A few years ago while SingleHop was still a very young company a friendly outfit calling themselves "TECH Cocktail" approached us and suggested that we sponsor some technology focused mixers around Chicago. Both companies were in their startup stage and a partnership seemed pretty natural. SingleHop needed to gain a lot of brand recognition and TECH cocktail wanted to prove that their technology mixer model really did work. The first events were pretty exciting with amazing attendance levels, great networking, and exceptional memories. Memories including a 3 foot tall Ice frog ( &, loads of green glowing cups, and hundreds upon hundreds of green t-shirts!

Forward a few years to the present day and both SingleHop and TECH Cocktail are still partnering together thankfully after both companies truly made it above and beyond the start-up phase. This time we are sponsoring the green room for their most recent conference titled "Startup Mixology", its an IT entrepreneurs dream come true. An event focused on equipping, encouraging, and networking some of the best startup stories in Chicago.

If you want to check-out the conference you can WATCH IT LIVE FOR FREE by going HERE:

For pics of TECH cocktail 6 (one of the ones sponsored by SingleHop) checkout this twitter page: