Getting Started with SingleHop BaaS and DRaaS — Part 1: Configuring Your First Backup Job

In the past companies may have hesitated to invest in backup and disaster recovery solutions due to the high cost of storage and redundant infrastructure. . However, recent advancements in virtualization technology, along with an abundance of research detailing the devastating price of downtime and data loss, are steadily putting this trend to rest. Cloud-based BaaS and DRaaS solutions are now more affordable and readily available than ever before. And they’re not so hard to utilize either!

Through Veeam Cloud Connect, SingleHop offers fast, secure, cloud-based disaster recovery and backup for virtual machines directly from a user’s Veeam console.

In the first of a four part series, I’ll walk you through the steps to configuring your cloud repository and your first cloud backup.

For more information, download the full guide here, and be sure to check out Veeam’s excellent online support center which features information and datasheets from their dedicated technical support team.

Configuration in Veeam Cloud Connect

Once you’ve signed up for our free trial and all initial requirements are met — required ports open, Veeam Availability Suite v8 for BaaS or v9 for BaaS and DRaaS in use — you may proceed with the cloud repository configuration.

Configuring Your Cloud Repository

1. Open the Veeam Console and navigate to Backup Infrastructure -> Service Providers; select Add Service Provider.DraaS/BaaS one

2. Enter the login credentials and cloud repository address provided in your welcome email and follow the onscreen instructions.

DraaS/BaaS 2DRaaS/BaaS 3

DRaaS/BaaS 4DRaas/BaaS 5DRaaS/BaaS 6DRaaS/BaaS 7

Configuring Your Backup Job

1. Now that your cloud repository is configured, it’s time to create the actual backup job. To begin, navigate to Backup & Replication.

2. Select the recently added cloud repository as the backup job target repository.

DRaaS/BaaS 83. Name the backup job.DRaaS/BaaS 94. Add VMs to be backed up in this job.DRaaS/BaaS 10

DRaaS/BaaS 11

5. On the Storage screen, leave Backup proxy set to Automatic selection, unless your Source Veeam setup use case requires the custom configuration. Set Retention Policy to the desired number of restore points and click Advanced Settings for additional options.DRaaS/BaaS 12

6. In advanced settings, choose the Storage tab and enable WAN Target. Configure Encryption settings for the job, if required.DRaaS/BaaS 13

7. After exiting Advanced settings, proceed to the next screen.DRaaS/BaaS 14

8. On the Guest Processing screen, configure image-aware processing settings for your backup job. This is optional, but highly recommended for Microsoft Windows VMs serving applications like Active Directory, SQL, SharePoint and Exchange.DRaaS/BaaS 15

9. Finally, schedule the job click create. The backup job will initiate at the scheduled start time, or if you prefer, it can be started manually.DRaaS/BaaS 16


SingleHop offers trials and demos for BaaS powered by Veeam Cloud Connect. Start your free trial today, or chat with a SingleHop expert for more information.

Wishing you an incident-free day.

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Wishing you an incident-free day.

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