Spam Filtering with MailFoundry

One feature that SingleHop offers that I don't think gets enough attention is our Spam Filtering service. Even though both of the control panels we offer, cPanel and Plesk, have spam filtering options, the real belle of the ball is our MailFoundry device, so I thought I would do a quick write up and talk a little bit about it.

Everyone hates spam, be it the random characters with a link thrown in, malicious attachments, phishing emails or online pharmacies, it is all a major hassle. Thankfully though, our spam zapping device is designed specifically to help you avoid said hassles, without deleting that one email you were REALLY looking for. Our MailFoundry machine does not use the typical methods that most spam filtering methods use, it is a hardware filter that uses a proprietary algorithm, called MessageIQ, focused on killing spam and quickly adapting its algorithm as needed to, most importantly, avoid false positives. MessageIQ is especially proficient in this area because it sifts through 500,000 emails every hour, 24/7 to find and classify new spam profiles in real-time. These profiles are then pushed to MailFoundry appliances all over the world, including ours, every five minutes.

Our clients benefit from this in a couple of different ways. First, its affordable, we only charge $40 per year per domain, no matter how many email addresses are setup at the domain. Second, this is a fully managed solution, such that all our clients only need to point their MX records to the appliance, we handle the rest on our end and MessageIQ handles the updates on theirs- giving you a spam-free inbox. While no solution is perfect, In our opinion, this is the best way for controlling spam this day in age.