SnapShield- SingleHop's virtual, on-demand, and easy-to-use Firewall

It's 3AM, and your server is getting attacked. Sales opens at 9AM, and the data center techs have done everything viable to protect your machine. What to do next? How do you protect your server without spending a fortune? Well, to answer that question is why we created SnapShield- an on-demand virtualized firewall ready to work for you, and easy as pie to install.

As you may know, SingleHop is incessantly looking for ways to give our clients more options and thus more control. We know that for you a server is more than just a machine - it's your business, it's part of how you live your life. So if you need that extra protection, you need it fast, and you don't want to pay for a dedicated firewall - here is what you've been waiting for. Go ahead, snap that shield on. Its all done through LEAP, and we have even provided you with several pre-configured suggestions based on our most popular server setups to make the job even easier.

Make sure to ask your Account Executive for more information, they will be glad to assist in getting SnapShield up and running.

On-demand firewall protection for your dedicated server, when you need it. 0 install time.