SingleHop's Scary Sever Stories Part 3

If you’re reading this, then we can only assume your survived the night and are back for more! So today we’ll wrap our series (and promotion) with these two final gut wrenching stories of hacking, mishaps and tricks. So brace yourself, because we’ve saved these two for last. And remember, just because Halloween is over, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still check under the metaphorical bed of your computer at night. Enjoy!


So much work to be done.

The Man in the Black Coat had so much more work to be done. There were so many more victims out there.

This one squirmed a bit less than the others, but it was still more defiant. It had resisted his initial attempts to test the defenses, poking and prodding in various places to find some sort of deficiency. When he found an opening, he didn't smile or smirk or express any emotion. He simply continued testing and testing, finding just where the tender flesh was at its weakest, where getting in to do his work would be easiest.

He walked in once he found it, armed with the tools of his trade. He had small tools for cutting away small chunks, little bits here and there with precision – enough to hurt, not without risk of bleeding to death. He had big tools for hacking and cutting at larger parts without any thought for collateral ripped away in the process – all the better for tearing a way out from the inside.

Yes. He enjoyed it when they fought back, futile as it was. They tried to push him out, but that just made him dig deeper. Yes, deeper. So many things were hidden deep, perhaps so deep even they didn't know what they'd hidden there. All the better for him to work his way in, so he could surprise them with what they'd forgotten or left behind.

Finally, after some hours, he managed to break in. He heard the satisfying crack as the whole system keeping his victim up fell to the ground. He smiled as it thrashed and turned, trying to find a way to get back on its feet. It wouldn't be doing that any time soon. He smiled.

The Man in the Black Coat left his traditional calling card: a simple rootkit and a photoshopped image of a light pink coffin.


There were so many of them, sir. So, so many.

Each time we managed to put one down, there were another three or four mindlessly marching forward. We kept up everything we could, tried to fight them off, but they just kept coming. We threw everything we had at them trying to take them down.

They were fetid and their collective cry was a grim, deathly din; a low bellowing that made us nervous. It wasn't that they were cunning or clever. It was that they were relentless. It was like there were hundreds of them, all lurching forward in that deathly gait, moving on with a plan to devour us all, tearing and ripping before moving forward to the next batch of victims.

It felt like fighting off a horde of zombies, sir. Zombies that just kept coming, crawling or stalking us, without any real care. I mean, when I trained for this, you warned me I would run into some very clever and very dangerous attempts to break into the CDC server, but…this was something else. I mean, I guess we have protocols for a zombie apocalypse, but a zombie hacker apocalypse?

You ask me why I bailed out, abandoned the rest of my team? I was scared, sir. Terrified, more than anything else. I just…when I saw the attacks overrun our firewall and get past the other defenses we had in place, trample over then like tissue paper…I ran, sir. Seemed like the right thing to do. Near as I can tell, the server was going down anyway and we were all screwed if we stayed. Still sure I'm right about that one, even now.

Sir, if you're going to sack me, please do it now, sir. They're right outside, aren't they? I can hear them, clawing and creeping closer. Do it now, sir. I never liked zombies.

Whether or not these were enough to send shivers running down spine, these definitely would be a living nightmare for any network administrator. How about you? Have you encountered anything as terrifying as these? Leave your stories in the comments below or lets us know on our Facebook. Thanks again for reading. We hope you enjoyed part one, part two, and part three of our scary server stories collection.

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