SingleHop’s Scary Server Stories Part 2

Happy Halloween everyone! We’re continuing our series (and promotion) today with these two additional stories that touch on more hacking, mishaps and tricks. We hope you enjoy them. Have a safe Halloween everyone, and make sure to lock up your computer before heading home tonight.

Found You

Five years ago, he got rich. He'd managed to steal close to fifty million dollars from a number of families who were hoping to build a nest egg for the future. He'd convinced them to let go of their money, talked them into giving him more later on, and then ran off with the money before they could suspect anything was wrong.

Listening to some rap on his iPhone, sitting in the balcony of the "small" mansion he got in the Bahamas, he felt relaxed. None of them would ever find out where he was. He'd been careful to make sure his trail was impossible to trace, the only reliable source of information on him being his account with Apple – everything else he'd convincingly faked.

Lately, something was odd, though. A few days ago, he saw that his couch wasn't in the right place. He wasn't sure what was wrong, only that he realized it when he sat down and felt like he wasn't as comfortable as he normally was. It turns out it had been moved just under half an inch to the right. He moved it back, but it seemed to move to the right in the same way, by the same distance, each time he left the living room.

The day after that, he found his TV tuned in to CNN when he turned it on. That was impossible, of course, because he never watched CNN. If he did, he might have learned about millions of Apple IDs being leaked. He left it on HBO – he was sure of it. He shrugged it off and decided to change it back to HBO day after day, no matter how many times he'd wake up to find it back on CNN.

Later on, he realized that someone – or something, he mused – kept moving his toothbrush from the left side of the medicine cabinet to the right side, switching places with the dental floss.

After weeks, he was fairly sure he was going nuts. When he measured the interior of his own house and found it was a full six inches bigger than it was supposed to be one day and two feet smaller the next, he had ceased comprehending things and was sure that the house itself was shifting and changing things around. It was the only reasonable explanation.

Then, after he blinked, he suddenly saw a note placed on his desk. It started with the personal info that he'd put on his Apple ID; information only Apple had.

The rest read "We will kill you. We will burn your fields, steal your treasure, destroy your house, and enslave your children. We will murder your spouse, poison your pets, and blaspheme on the graves of your ancestors. We will do all this, and the only way to avoid it is if we cannot find you."

The touch of something cold on his shoulder happened as he read the last words out loud.

"We have already found you."

The Down Website of Eric Strahm

She'd heard that Eric Strahm used to live a normal life: dating, college, work. He used to be a musician and he got hosting with GoDaddy so he could showcase his work. Now, all he did was listen to the same song of his over and over, from his own website. Nobody knew why.

After a couple of days of wondering, she decided it wasn't worth bothering with anymore. She was ready to just ignore her unusual neighbor and shrug off the music she found so annoying – until he knocked on her door.

"Is your Internet down?" he asked, panicked. He looked like he hadn't seen anything outside his apartment in months, but that was secondary to his terrified trembling.

She decided to pretend to be polite, at least. "No."

"GoDaddy is down then," he said nervously. He started biting his nails as his eyes kept looking in all directions as fast as he could move them. He was shaking like he was terrified of something. "Do you think it'll be up any time soon?"

"How should I know?"

"My site is hosted by them. I…I really need that site back up. Now."

"Look, Eric, I'm not CNN or anything. I'm sure it'll be up eventually. Why not just go somewhere and wait it out?"

"No, no. You don't understand. If I'm away for too long, if I don't play that song over and over again…" he paused, then glanced around nervously. "I can hear him coming. If I don't play the song again soon, he'll come here…"

"What are you babbling about?"


She blinked. She was sure he was a raving lunatic. Her mother warned her that when dealing with a lunatic, it was best to just roll along, rather than try and "correct" them. "Who's going to kill you?"

Then she saw it. She couldn't describe it, not beyond the realization that she was looking at parallel lines along its surface that somehow not only intersected, but seemed to exist on a geometric plane adjacent to itself. The thing slithered out of the spot where the wall and ceiling met. It just emerged, twisted and contorted.

Then he was dead and she knew – just knew – she had to get his website back up. Quick.

Again these may not be enough that they’ll haunt your dreams at night, but they certainly were issues that could wreak havoc on any network administrator’s day. How about you? Have you encountered anything that’s chilled your blood and left the hairs standing on the back of your neck? Leave your stories in the comments below or lets us know on our Facebook. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for the final two stories in part three of our scary server stories collection tomorrow morning. Until then, feel free to re-live the terror of part one.

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