SingleHop's New Password Generator

While passwords may seem obsolete in this climate of security threats, websites will continue to ask for login credentials. There’s no getting around it. You will still need to come up with a password for any new logins, you will sometimes have strict password guidelines to follow, and sometimes you’ll even have to change your password every few weeks. Some websites have implemented multi-factor authentication to guard against password hacking, but for those that don’t, a strong password is needed to ensure protection.

So, how are you supposed to come up with a complicated password every single time?

SingleHop is here to help! We’ve developed a password generator that will generate a password based on specific criteria (or not), so the automated system can do the thinking for you. You just have to remember it.

You can generate a general password, have the generator follow specific website rules by selecting the appropriate checkboxes, produce as many as 10 passwords at a time, and decide how memorable your password will be.

We also have an advanced password generator that gives you the ability to select the complexity options for your password: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, and no similar characters. You can also generate up to 10 passwords at a time and choose how many characters you want the password to be.

When choosing a new password, be sure to keep these rules in mind:

  • Passwords should be at least 10 characters.
  • For stronger passwords, they should have mixed case letters and include symbols and numbers.
  • Do not use dictionary words.
  • Do not use a family name.
  • Do not write your password down and/or store it in a public place.
  • Do not use password sequencing (Myp@ssword1, Myp@ssword2, Myp@ssword3, etc.).

Give SingleHop’s Password Generator a try today!