SingleHop's New Data Center - A Personal Account

Hey everyone, this is J Miller. In case you haven't heard, for the past few weeks the buzz around here has been focused on the new Data Center. While the new place IS amazing, a lot of the buzz concerned how much work it took to get it ready, and believe me, everyone worked 110% to make it happen. Now its up, and since you can find lots of technical specs about the place in our press release and website, I thought I'd give you a more personal account from when I visited this place.

I took a tour of our new data center last Friday. It's run by ServerCentral, and is located in a brand new computing facility built by DuPont Fabros Technology. From the moment I walked through the front door I was in awe mode. While I'm pretty sure my impressions, as sales guy, differ significantly from what say, Andy Pace, our VP of Operations would think, I thought the place looked like DuPont built it to withstand the end of the world. Why so you might ask?

Well, ill start with power. They have 8 Rooms with 2 huge generators in each. The generators themselves look like a Corvette's 8 cylinder engine, but 15 times larger! For day-to-day power, they also have 8 enormous transformers connected to the incoming power feeds.

Cooling? It's all done through raised floors, as there is a 4-foot gap between where you and the servers stand, to the cement underneath you. The entire facility, as far as I could tell, was on a raised floor configuration. I was told, while on the tour, that if everything else around the facility was gone the place could survive for quite some time on its own, and without any outside resources. This includes scenarios where even a few of the generators blow up, or the cooling system breaks, or a few transformers blow up. But, even if all those things fail, they have an incredible 500,000-gallon chilled water tank that can dump water underneath the facility and keeping everything cool.

For security, they have bulletproof glass, and walls that are ridiculously strong all over the building.
If you have you ever seen a horror or thriller movie, you know the bad guy just keeps coming and coming back even after being hit over the head with frying pans. Or being shot at about a million times! That bad guy is like our new DC. It looks like it will simply keep going and going, even if the end of the world came to pass! This place rocks.