SingleHop's First Annual Food Drive

food-driveCook County, home to Chicago, is the second most populous county in the US. Cook County is so large, population wise, that it is bigger than 29 individual US states and more populous than the seven smallest states combined. Pretty impressive stuff.

Unfortunately, Cook County has another rare distinction. 1 out of 6 people in Cook County are unsure where and when their next meal will be. In a season of giving thanks, nearly a million people in the Chicago area face hunger.

The Food Depository has made it their mission to ensure that no one goes hungry. Last year, the Food Depository distributed 66 million pounds of food to a network of 650 soup kitchens, shelters, mobile programs, pantries, and more. This year, SingleHop decided to join the cause.

The guys (Zak and Dan) have been really fantastic about giving back to the city during the holiday season. Normally this starts in December, but we decided to kick things off early. Indeed, SingleHop runs a number of charity programs from toy drives, family sponsorships, and other holiday giving.

Charity programs start for various reasons. Some come from moments of inspiration, others from seeing conditions first hand. This year’s food drive stems from a little of both.

“I was at home, lazing around getting ready for bed,” begins Dan Ushman, CMO for SingleHop, “when Patti, my fiancée, told me ‘you guys should do a food drive this year.’ I wish there was more to the story than that, but honestly a lot of our charity ideas come from within the company and from friends and family.”

The goal for the first food drive was set low to ensure we had plenty of company wide participation. We have 60 people who work from our headquarters building so the goal was set at 50 pounds. If everyone donated a little we would meet our goal. When it comes to charity work there is always that worry that the company might not meet the goal set; when that happens it can be very demoralizing especially to those who donated generously. Thankfully, that was not the case with the food drive.

Instead of 50 pounds of food, SingleHoppers donated 355 pounds. 355 pounds is equal to 266 meals for those in need. Though unable to donate food, those working remotely donated generously to the Food Depository’s fund.

With the great response we received for this food drive we are setting next year’s goal to 500 pounds. I am positive we will exceed that goal as well!

Thank you Food Depository for all the hard work you do. And I would like to thank other companies and individual who donate to ensure that people do not go hungry. Most of all I want thank my peers at SingleHop for donating and making our First Annual Food Drive a success.