SingleHop Supports Network Neutrality

Network Neutrality, the concept that all traffic on the Internet should be treated equally, is under attack in Congress. It has been for a while, largely due to lobbying efforts by large telecom and cable companies to allow them to prioritize, and shape traffic through their networks. Essentially, this means that (in theory) customers of AT&T's cable internet service would load pages by a paying site, faster than a non-paying site. They would erect "toll booths" on the Internet, charging web sites to load faster to their clients. The telecom companies argue that this is so they can offer TV service over their lines and compete with cable companies. However, the possibility for the companies to control who is successful and who is not to their clients is an unfortunate byproduct of this legislation.

To make matters worse, the lobby effort was backed up (and to an extent still is) by misleading advertising campaigns disguised to look like grass roots efforts to stop the evil network neutrality supporters.

Luckly, the FreePress stood up and said "Wait a second, this doesn't make any sense! Network Neutrality is good". And thus, was born. SingleHop took notice, and offered the Free Press no-cost collocation service, free bandwidth, and full support to help Save The Internet!

Today, the FreePress Save The Internet Coalition is made up of 1.5 million petition signers, 60,000 phone calls placed to congress, and almost half a million tell-a-friend. Not bad for a little web site built by a not-for-profit.

I, for one, am very proud to have worked on the deal to give the Free Press free collocation, bandwidth, tech support, and general technical assistance in running their sites. We're proud to be part of the large, growing grass-roots movement to Save The Internet.