SingleHop is Sponsoring the Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow, raffling free hosting!

Making less mistakes is what experience gifts us. And helping others make less mistakes is what learning from others experience's is all about! That is why SingleHop is proudly sponsoring today's Entrepreneur's Unpluggdd conference where three Chicago based business leaders share their experience in building successful companies. It is a small, intimate environment focused on fostering discussion, honest questions, and most of all, real experience sharing and learning.

The Entrepreneurs Unpluggd series takes place every three months and focuses on different topics each time. Today's event focuses on answering "the funding question"- how to fund your business so it continues to grow- and will feature the following three entrepreneurs:

The Boostrapped Entrepreneur: Seth Kravitz, CEO

The Angel Funded Entrepreneur: Jessica Kim, CEO BabbaCo

The Venture Funded Entrepreneur: Chuck Templeton, Founder

At SingleHop we have made our share of mistakes, but as our growth and our customers can attest to, it is how we learn from these mistakes that makes a difference. Entrepreneurs Unpluggd allows us to sponsor local learning for startups and we have even added an extra bit of excitement as we will be raffling two 1 year SingleHop hosting accounts! That's right 2 accounts of free SingleHop Hosting valued at up to $3,000 each!

So if you are in Chicago, make sure to checkout and attend today's or any of their future events. We promise that you will make a lot less mistakes in your future business endeavors if you come. You may also win free hosting from SingleHop.