The SingleHop Server Lineup Shakedown

Access and enablement are not ordinarily associated with dedicated servers and maybe that should change. So let's start that change here at SingleHop.

The nuts and bolts of server lineup changes include removing outdated models and adding new ones. And there you have it; a new lineup is born. So why is SingleHop's lineup change different from the norm? It's all about access and enablement.

The new servers are a shift to a higher level of performance, scalability, and greatly increase our ability to be accommodating to the needs of our customers. Our new server lineup gives our customers access to the latest hardware while also providing access to older versions for better value propositions. The pricing structure has been streamlined to ensure easy steps between models and versions and clear upgrades paths have been identified.

Our previous lineup included a lot of different models, with very similar workload abilities. This increased the complexity of finding the proper server for your workload and also led to quite a few lengthy discussions on value especially between similar spec'ed machines. The new list, by contrast, provides clear workload striations and enables customers the ability to create the perfect server environment for their workloads with the headache.

And if none of the new servers strikes your fancy, we still offer custom server environments. Check out the new server lineup here.