SingleHop Hosts SaltStack Chicago Meetup Group

Jul 8, 2016

At  the core of our forthcoming OS-management software, SingleHopAI, sits SaltStack. Salt is an open source, event-driven data center automation tool that supports an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach. IaC allows developers to write code for infrastructure provisioning, management and configuration, thus making the powerful features of  SingleHopAI possible.      

The SingleHop development team chose Salt over its competitors (Chef, Puppet, Ansible) because it gives us unmatched flexibility and scalability. Its modular, extensible approach to IaC allows us to push the limits of what’s capable within the SingleHopAI platform.

The Salt open source project is also one of the most active and fastest-growing communities you’ll find anywhere, and it’s been instrumental to our progress. So when the opportunity came to give back, we jumped on it.

Last week, SingleHop headquarters welcomed the SaltStack Chicago meetup group – a community of 200-plus sys admins, site reliability engineers, data center operators, DevOps pros and other users who meet monthly to collaborate, share best practices, and socialize over beer and food.      

The evening gave us a chance to show the community how we were leveraging Salt for SingleHopAI and provided the ideal forum for insightful, welcomed feedback for improving our software, as well as for confirming what we were doing right!

SingleHop VP of Engineering Rick Talavera previews AI to the SaltStack Chicago community.

Jon Raines, regional director of Salt, said of SingleHopAI, “This is the kind of innovation our CEO, Thomas Hatch, wants to see grow out of the Salt community.”

But the event proved to me that such innovation is impossible without Salt’s continued commitment to evolving their platform, allowing for powerful new applications of the technology. Two highlights from the evening provide perfect examples of this.    

First, with Salt’s recent new release, Boron, many attendees expressed excitement around new features such as improvement to their reactor system (codenamed “Thorium”), more stabilization for transport, and more execution modules.

Secondly, Nathan Brooks, a senior engineer for SaltStack, gave a great presentation on data distribution between salt minions. Traditionally a minion server can only share data with its master server. While this topology has security in mind, there are benefits of minions being able to share data amongst themselves. Nathan used the example of a load balancer being able to determine when new nodes are available by detecting each other’s salt mine data (distributed data).

If you’re a Salt user, I highly recommend joining and attending a meetup group in your area, and if you’re in Chicago, we hope to see you next time SingleHop hosts!

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Aaron Ryou, Senior Developer
Aaron Ryou
Senior Developer

Aaron was born and raised on the southwest side of Chicago. He got his start in programming as a freelance worker in Chicago’s vibrant startup scene before making the jump to corporate gigs. At SingleHop, he’s one of seve...READ MORE

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