SingleHop Releases LEAP iPad. Revolutionary server management on a revolutionary device.

Regardless of your opinion of Apple's new iPad device, you must accept that Apple has gone out on the limb and created a unique device that redefines, or more accurately, blurs the line between mobile and desktop computing.

We believe that verdict on the iPad's success is still unclear, however, Apple's focus on bleeding-edge innovation and creativity is something that we deeply admire and respect. After all SingleHop has continually redefined what dedicated server customers should expect from their hosting company. We began by offering our customers the most advanced server management control panel which we call LEAP. We then added mobile options such that server management could be done anywhere, anytime with LEAP mobile. We continued our streak by adding revolutionary offerings to LEAP such as SnapShield, an enterprise class on-demand firewall, and Ksplice Uptrack, a powerful software that enables rebootless kernes and OS updates on your dedicated servers.

So when we first learned of the iPad our office had much heated discussions on the merits of the machine, however, always looking for ways to redefine how dedicated servers are used, we knew that releasing a version of LEAP for the iPad was a must. So today, alongside the release of the Apple iPad, we proudly announce that if you happen to have the newest device from Cupertino you can have full control over your server with LEAP iPad!

Our LEAPmobile system has been designed so you can control your server through any mobile device such as the Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, iPhone and today the iPad.

To use LEAP iPad, direct your newest device to