SingleHop releases LEAP 3.1.1

The latest push from our developers offers some significant changes. These changes include changes to our IP Manager, delete hourly VMs, changes to VM hourly billing, and some general bug fixes.

IP Manager & Justification

Our IP Manager has been renamed IP Manager & Justification and has some new functionality. From this section you can add notes and comments to assigned IP addresses and ranges. When it comes to request IPs and IP ranges you can submit justifications for IP allotments.

Along with GUI enhancements, our dev team has also created three new API calls: the ability to return all information on pending and existing IP Justification Requests, creating a new IP Justification Request, and the ability to use an API call to update Justification Notes or IP Address Notes for a component.

Delete Hourly VMs

You can now delete hourly virtual machines from your account from within the LEAP3 interface.

VM Hourly Billing

VM hourly billing now includes the ability to view estimated costs for hourly VMs. Also clients can generate a single invoice for all hourly VMs used.

General Bug Fixes+

Our coders have been hard at work with general bug fixes to ensure that LEAP3 continues to run smoothly. In this release, they have been successful at fixing several bugs.

Special thanks to the developers and project team. For more information, log into LEAP3 and read the release document or click on this link to download the pdf.