SingleHop Evolved: Our DNA Rooted in Automation

Mar 1, 2017

Last December, SingleHop celebrated its 10th anniversary in a big way with Grammy-award winning artist Cage the Elephant playing for 1,000 of our clients, employees and members of Chicago’s tech community. With SingleHop’s imminent launch of our server management platform, AI, the surreal and wonderful night was as much about the next ten years as it was about the first ten.    

Despite a crowded hosting and managed services space, SingleHop continues to grow and innovate, making our way onto the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies seven consecutive years.

We believe this success is largely explained by our DNA as an organization, which has always been rooted in using automation to solve complex problems. In fact, my co-founder, Dan Ushman, and I founded SingleHop in 2006 to solve one of the most pressing of those problems.

It was evident that the Internet simply couldn’t take its next big step and scale effectively with data center technicians manually installing servers one at a time. Our solution? Automate the deployment process in its entirety, cutting the time it takes to bring a physical server online from hours or days to mere minutes.

We pioneered this process, and evolved our automation technologies to make it easier for customers to efficiently and rapidly deploy all types of IT infrastructure  —  private clouds, virtual servers and compliant hosting services.

Yet, as I look at the industry today, it’s clear infrastructure automation alone cannot solve the contemporary challenges of time-strapped tech pros. New technology, after all, has a pestering tendency to introduce new complexities.

IT organizations are spending roughly 70 percent of their resources maintaining systems in lieu of working on new projects, according to research from Forrester. The proliferation of cloud services and hybrid environments, for all its potential, is introducing sprawling new management challenges that are detracting from the work that matters most. Time once spent tediously installing and maintaining on-premise data centers is now spent managing and securing a growing number of environments housed at multiple providers  —  all monitored and controlled using several dispersed tools.

As SingleHop enters its next chapter, we’re using our strength in automation to make managing infrastructure and operating systems pain free, transparent and accessible to everyone.

We want IT directors responsible for managing compliant hosted environments to be able to take immediate action on security vulnerabilities threatening sensitive patient health information or cardholder data. We want sysadmins responsible for monitoring hundreds of VMs in disparate locations to have a holistic view of their environments’ performance. We want small businesses who can’t afford enterprise remote management systems to have free access to simple-to-use, enterprise-grade management tools.

SingleHop is providing all of that and then some with our automated managed services platform, SingleHop AI.

AI represents SingleHop’s evolution from innovators in infrastructure automation to innovators in managed services automation. It allows us, as well as our end-users to monitor, patch and remotely execute commands to all servers  —  regardless of where they’re hosted.

For managed services customers, this is important because it provides a transparent view of environments in a business model not known for transparency. Managed services providers historically operate on a “trust us” basis. With AI, we’re eradicating that mindset.

Furthermore, managing environments typically involves using multiple applications and tools. AI, however, consolidates all environments, as well as all the systems required to manage them, under a single pane of glass.

AI is still in its early iterations, but it will soon be the nexus for managing our customers’ environments wherever those environments live  —  whether that’s a SingleHop data center,  Microsoft Azure, or Amazon Web Services.

I hope you’ll join us at SingleHop for this new venture and look forward to your feedback.

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Zak Boca
Zak Boca
CEO & Co-Founder

Boca has been an executive and entrepreneur in the infrastructure and web hosting space for more than 10 years. Prior to co-founding SingleHop, he co-founded and operated Midphase, a web hosting provider with over 160,000 cus...READ MORE

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