SingleHop Makes a Splash in the Media

It is one thing to be passionate about your own services. I would hope that this is a given. I think we should all be proud of what we do and who were work for. It is, however, quite another thing to find others who are passionate about what you provide. It is equally advantageous when others understand that you know what you are talking about.

SingleHop is in the business of providing hosted infrastructure. We offer dedicated servers, cloud computing, and the services to support our customers with both ventures. After you have been doing it, from a quality approach, for as long as we have you get really good at delivering those services. And it appears the press has been taking notice.

Here is a brief round up of our top news items for April.

searchvmwareSearch VMware
Private cloud management software: VMware vCloud Director vs. vCenter

Meredith Courtemanche over at TechTarget's SearchVMware interviewed both Ricardo Talavera (VP of Engineering) and Andy Pace (COO) on SingleHop's stance on VMware's vCenter and vCloud Director.

wsjThe Wall Street Journal
Ernst & Young announces Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2013 finalists in the Midwest Region

Ernst & young presented the finalists for the Midwest Region for their Entrepreneur of the Year award for 2013. SingleHop's own  Zak Boca and Dan Ushman made the list. The Wall Street Journal has all the information for this prestigious award, which is now it its 27th year.

iamsterdamI amsterdam
SingleHop chooses Amsterdam

If you are not aware of Amsterdam's famous marketing campaign I amsterdam, then you might be in for a treat. Along with a great play on words with their own name, the I amsterdam campaign has done wonders when it comes to solidifying Amsterdam's voice on the global stage. When we announced our European pre-launch of our Amsterdam data center, well I amsterdam jumped on it and added our name to the increasingly long list of businesses proud to build a home in Amsterdam.


TMCnet | infoTECH Spotlight
SingleHop Out to Take Amsterdam by Storm with New Servers

Speaking of Amsterdam, Steve Anderson from TMCnet also had a few things to say about our European expansion.

imediaiMedia Connection
Top 5 Largest Sites on the Internet

Ok so we are not in the Top 5 largest sites on the Internet. However, we did get a good mention by Drew Hendricks who said, when it comes to cloud hosting, we "are a great place to get the ball rolling." Thanks Drew, we think the same thing.

inside_cloudinside Cloud
Interview: Dan Ushman of SingleHop Discusses Cloud and Enterprise

inside-Cloud interviewed our CMO, Dan Ushman on the importance of our cloud offerings when it comes to enterprise businesses.