SingleHop Joins Spiceworks!

SingleHop Joins Spiceworks!

Spiceworks is a global community of 2 million IT pros, who use the site to do their jobs and learn about the products and services they need directly from the tech vendors who provide them. It’s the fastest growing and one of the most widely used network management web based tools on the market.

Half of the magic is in the self-serve, direct connection with the thought leaders in the industry. You can talk directly to the people who matter, to help get business done. The other part of the magic is it is FREE to join the community and have access to the resources and marketplace yourself.

For example, want to bring in extra revenue with our streamlined Affiliates program? As simple as adding a link to your site. But you have some strategic questions? Visit our page on Spiceworks, interact directly with staff members including one of our co-founders Dan Ushman.

Discover the network effect of an active, engaged community. There are a lot of helpful how-tos:

If you notice the last icon on the left in the previous image - it looks like a pepper - that’s the “spice” in spiceworks; kind of like “like” in Facebook. When you come across something new that you like, you can add value by voting on a discussion, and that helps elevate the content for others to notice.


When you visit Spiceworks, be sure to kick the tires on their free popular free network management software:

Or take advantage of free help desk software:

It’s a lot of helpful material all in one place!

You are invited to come check out the SingleHop Spiceworks page, which will feature special insight and offers ONLY to Spiceworks community members (aka “Spiceheads”).

(And be sure to click the Follow button on the page, to keep in the loop on bleeding edge information on both the industry and our product offerings!)