SingleHop is on Fire this Spring!

Wow Spring is finally here in the windy city and the frigid wind has turned into a stellar cool breeze.  The office doors are open and circulating cool air in and out of the entire office.  But there are more things flying out the door aside from the wind, for example we had a stellar sales in the last month.  Dedicated servers were flying out of Super Micro’s doors and into our Dupont Data Center.  This in addition to our reseller program has kept all of us Account Executives on our toes keeping up with the demand and bringing on some spectacular new clients.

Some bonus and perks from all of this new business is that we have all new servers of your favorite Xeons fully stocked and ready to be customized to your order specifications.  In addition we have recently partnered with R1 Soft!!!  So if you want a really awesome secure management feature, now is the time to jump on board and add the free backup R1Soft service to your solution. Most companies usually charge around $25 and up for this stellar software, we are giving it out for free, you only pay for the cost of the backup space you use.

Why am I so excited about the R1Soft backup system? Well, the system is rock-solid reliable and uses a minimal amount of space by recording the changes that occur in the data, not the entire data-set over and over. So if you only use 3GB of backup, you would spend $4.50 per month for stress-free and trouble-free reliability without even having to pay for the industrial-grade R1Soft Backup software, it is FREE!

So yes, great and amazing changes are coming to and we are looking to add more perks to our reseller program and expand our services into SingleHop's unique cloud computing platform, which we are calling Cascade, soon.  For more information and details message your Account Executive, and let the hot summer sales begin.