SingleHop invests $7.0 Million in Datacenter Expansion, doubles network capacity & datacenter space.

Hello everyone!

Today SingleHop announced a very exciting 5-year and $7.0-million-dollar deal to double the datacenter space of our second computing facility. Since we moved into this location in late May of 2009, we have experienced zero downtime, which is a testament to both the exceptional quality of the facility's equipment as well as our world-class network engineering team.

While an expansion of this magnitude is exceptional all by itself, the fact that we did it less than 11 months after first opening this facility is truly noteworthy! It was only possible by the exceptional work of each SingleHop team member. You see, in spite of tremendous growth as a company, our employees' constant dedication to excellence has ensured that our level of service, professionalism, and technological advancement has remained consistent, solid, and growing.  SingleHop is here to stay, and we are looking forward to investing over $20 million more in the next three years to ensure that our products and services remain the best in the industry.

So, apart from the large numbers and corporate excitement, what does SingleHop's deal mean for you, our customer?

-First of all, it lets you know that SingleHop is financially stable, solid, and focused on maintaining and improving our already legendary facilities and network.

-Second, it assures you that our corporate philosophy on growth is NOT to simply squeeze in as many customers as possible and turn a quick profit by disregarding future investment in technology, speed and equipment. We have grown this fast because we have extremely high standards of quality and reliability, and we know that to continue growing we must continue sustaining and raising the bar of these standards.

-Lastly, it offers all SingleHop customers, regardless of which of our datacenters their dedicated servers are located in, a more powerful network to depend on:  a network that will support more products and services which can foster their own success. In fact, in this new space we will be further developing our upcoming Cascade cloud hosting system, which will revolutionize the possibilities of what dedicated server hosting can do.

Happy Hosting!


The SingleHop Team