SingleHop in the News; Daily Host News Interviews Dan Ushman

Daily Host News released their interview with Dan Ushman, our CMO, yesterday and it makes a good read. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

DHN: I am a guy who wishes to get into hosting-reselling business, but has very little resources to do so. What additional value can ‘Tandem’ provide me with, when compared to other White-Label Reseller Hosting platforms out there?

Dan: Firstly, Tandem can be integrated into any commercial billing system using its extensive API. It gives clients the ability to manage dedicated servers and cloud instances that you resell to them under your own brand.

In addition, Tandem comes with a lot of perks that most reseller programs don’t. For example, our resellers get unlimited SSL certificates for free, which they can either sell for profit or give away as a way to stand out.

Also, Tandem is automated, so no matter what you are trying to deploy, it happens right away.

DHN: Let’s begin with the recently launched AMS-1 facility. Why did SingleHop choose Amsterdam as the site for the new data center?

Dan: We looked at all of Europe and compared London, Germany and Amsterdam with each other. Amsterdam seemed like the best fit for us for three key reasons.

First, it is the networking hub of Europe. There are a lot of good data centers with good network connectivity and several other options.

Second, it’s politically neutral and there are no major conflicts. There’s no reason somebody from other parts of Europe would not want to serve in the Amsterdam.

To read the rest of this interview check it out at “Tandem Comes With a Lot of Perks That Most Reseller Programs Don’t” – Dan Ushman, SingleHop