SingleHop in San Francisco

Day One:

We hosted a very impromptu happy hour for our bay area clients on Thursday evening at a great craft beer spot, 21st Amendment in San Francisco. We have never been shy about our love for locally made brews, so this was a perfect place to meet our clients face-to-face.

After we settled in, I noticed a young guy looking around the bar for a while, checking his phone for details.  It was very clear he was there to meet someone he didn’t know who.  Me, being the nice guy that I am, hopped up and asked him if he was here for the SingleHop event.

“Oh yeah,” he said.  He seemed relieved as he pulled up a chair and took a seat.  We got him a beer and did some introductions so he could meet the team.  It was a great start to the night, until we started talking about our company.  A confused fog rolled over his eyes.

“Wait, who are you guys?”

“We are SingleHop, the fastest growing company in Chicago.” (We didn’t really say that last part) We could all tell at this point our newly found client was not a client at all.  We all got a kick out of it and he got a free beer out of it.  He was actually there for another tech company gathering – only in San Francisco folks.

After our faux-client left, we did get the chance to hang out with an actual client, Jeremy Robin of   A former Chicagoan, sporting a Cubs hat, he is the founder of a killer sports oriented photo-sharing app.  Check it out!

In an industry where IM and phone calls rule the world, it was great to be in the same room with a client.  We covered everything from tech specs to the importance of continuity within a brand.

Dan Ushman, one of our co-founders, made the trip and loves the startup vibe, so these kinds of interactions really get his blood racing.  He was literally bouncing off his bar stool talking about the importance of bootstrapping from the beginning.

Day Two:

Still feeling the startup love from the night before, we arrived at AT&T Field Thursday afternoon for The Pitch Event.  It was 7 hours of nonstop pitching, but not of the baseball variety.  Startups from around the world, over 90 in total, had their products/services/apps on display for all 2000 attendees to see!

We were not there pitching as much as we were there listening.  As principle sponsor of the event, we had great exposure throughout the entire venue. I will admit to being a little weary of having an event at a baseball field, but it was perfect!

The mix of attendees was eclectic to say the least.  There were VCs, Googlers, developers, a fairy (I’m not kidding), lawyers, doctors, and even a seal (See Giants Mascot).

“So what do you guys do?” was a question fired our way all afternoon. It was so refreshing to be able to speak about SingleHop to an audience we love to be around. As we continue to grow and expand westbound, I know that “Who are you guys?” is going to turn into “We love you guys!”

Pics and videos soon to follow on Facebook and Pitch