SingleHop Firewall Options and Their Differences.

Hello, fellow Singlehop clients and bloggers!  It is Migzzy V, coming out to give you the skinny on some of our firewall features that have rolled out at the hop.  After a long October of festivities, awesome final third-quarter closing, and company-wide sky diving, Singlehop has rolled out our new SnapShield firewall feature.

The SnapShield Firewall was released at the end of September and is only available in our Dupont Data Center at this time.  This cost effective, shared Ciscso ASA 5510 firewall is only $39.95/mo per server.  Designed as a shared service, it offers a 10Mbps port and is our solution for clients that are working with a specific budget in mind.

We also offer other firewall options, such as our software base firewalls ($5/mo) and our dedicated Cisco ASA 5505 firewalls housed only in our CIMCO facility ($129/mo).  What's the difference between them?  Essentially, they all perform the same way, which is to block unwanted access on the dedicated server it is connected to.  However, there are some benefits to choosing a hardware firewall like the Snapshield and Cisco ASA 5505 firewall: unlike a software firewall, no server resources are being used during their process because they are physical devices that are placed in front of your server.  This helps prohibit intrusions, but does so away from your server, as opposed to a dedicated server like that of a software base firewall.

I would also stress that if you are operating a system that does not require more than a 10Mbps port and only protecting 1 dedicated server, the Snapshield shared firewall is an awesome option at only $39.95/mo. For those clients with larger server configurations that might have multiple solutions and need larger port speeds, the Ciscso ASA 5505 dedicated firewall can support up to 7 servers on one device and will include a 100Mbps port.

If you have any questions about what options will best suit you, than you certainly should speak with one of our account executives.  I, as always, welcome any questions or requests you may have at