SingleHop is fastest growing Webhost & 58th fastest growing firm in America.

A few weeks ago we received one of the most cherished pieces of mail that has ever come to SingleHop (pictured below).

It was Inc. magazine's package to officially welcome SingleHop to the legendary Inc. 500 list! While you may have heard that we are one of the fastest growing companies around, now we can officially prove it and quantify it for you! Between 2006 and 2009 SingleHop's sales grew an astounding 3895%. This makes us the:

-#1 fastest growing web hosting firm in the nation

-#1 fastest growing IT firm in Chicago

-#3 Fastest growing IT firm in the nation

-#58 Fastest growing firm in the nation

We are extremely excited to have been included in the Inc. 500 list, and to have reached such an exceptional rate of growth. It is a testament to the dedication, hard work, and  ingenuity of our founders and all of our employees. SingleHop is growing like crazy and has done so for several years in a row because we have genuinely focused on offering excellent products and services, and backing them up with the best customer service and tech support in the industry.

So if you are a SingleHop customer, congratulations. You are part of us and this prize belongs to you too. If you are thinking about becoming a SingleHop client? What are you waiting for?