Support for Haiti; SingleHop donates $10,000 to Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund.

Haiti is one of the poorest and most under developed countries in the world. I suppose that is not a big surprise when you consider its history. It seems that Haiti has always been dealing with one crisis or another” be it humanitarian, political or natural disaster. As I am sure you have heard on the news, the latest crisis to rattle this poor island nation, was the massive earthquake from last week and subsequent aftershock early this week that shook Haiti's capital. These earthquakes have leveled Haiti's presidential palace, taking with it Haiti's government. It trashed a dozens of hospitals, buried hundreds alive in rubble and wiped out hundreds of thousands of homes. What was left of Haiti's already diminished resources is now also largely gone. Haiti has been through hard times, but its never needed everyone's help like it does today.

Like much of the world, the hosting community, normally comprised of ultra competitive rivals, has really come together in doing what they can by launching This is a joint effort between Peer1 Hosting, GoGrid, ThePlanet, Rackspace, VPS.Net, ServInt, and SingleHop, with many more web hosting providers joining.

In addition to joining and promoting the HostingForHaiti program, SingleHop has made a donation of $10,000 to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.

In the immediate aftermath of the earthquakes, President Obama asked former-presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush to start a foundation to raise funds for the Haitian people. The foundation, called the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, was launched just three days after the earthquakes shook the country. To date, the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund has collected over 100,000 individual donations. The funds very simple purpose is to "assist the people of Haiti as they rebuild their lives," a mission that SingleHop supports and believes in.

While there are loads of great organizations out there to donate to, we picked the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund because 100% of the donations received go directly to relief efforts. In addition, SingleHop will be matching employee contributions to any charitable organizations.

If you're interested in donating, visit