Monumental Day for SingleHop at Cloud Expo

If you are reading this, you’ve probably noticed things look a little different around here today. And by a little different, I mean dramatically different!  As you can tell, we have completely redesigned the site!

I know some of you may fear change, but rest assure, you’re going to love it!   The site is not only easier to navigate it, but its design and functionality are truly one of a kind.  Our developers, designer (yes, one guy), and programmers spent thousands of hours creating more than just a website, it’s an extension of the entire SingleHop experience.

Please feel free to look around.  Enjoy!

But wait, there’s more!!! In addition to a complete redesign of, we are thrilled to announce the release of the highly anticipated LEAP3, our custom-built client portal. Some of you may extremely familiar with LEAP and some of you may not, either way you will not find another product like it on the market today!

Five Reasons LEAP3 is unlike any other web based platform:

  • Ability to build your own hybrid solution & deploy it with one click.
  • Ability to leverage hybrid solutions designed by the community
  • Grouping of infrastructure components in to solutions
  • Increased productivity for IT departments, with better tools
  • Modernized UI, designed to support hybrid computing

If you would like to give it a test drive (you no longer have to be a client) please go to LEAP3.

This is a monumental day in the history of SingleHop! Thank you for sharing it with us!