, Innovator in the Hosting Industry: LEAP, LEAPwidget, LEAPmobile, Ksplice.

We at SingleHop believe that staying fresh and being able to offer exciting and useful tools is the key to happy clients.  We are constantly brainstorming to find new ways to improve the overall experience, and some of these brainstorming sessions brought you LEAP, our web-top portal developed in-house and with our customer in mind.  LEAP gave you the ability to manage almost everything in your account, reboot your server, SSH or RDP, allocate more IPs, turn on or off our SnapShield On-Demand Firewall, check bandwidth charts, and order new servers -- and believe me, we have much more to come from the development pipeline.

These brainstorming sessions also brought you LEAPmobile and LEAPwidget.

LEAPmobile brings you all of the control of LEAP Web-Top, but can be easily accessed from your phone or PDA. So imagine being stranded in the middle of the desert ... but, on top of being stranded in the middle of the desert, you find out your blog server is down!  Now you can whip out your mobile device and get your server back up by submitting a priority ticket straight from your phone. If the previous situation actually matches your current situation, please call for help first.

LEAPwidget allows you to submit tickets, view server status, and view billing all from the comfort of your desktop. No longer do you need to open up your browser, navigate to SingleHop, login, and submit a ticket. You can do that now with a few clicks of your mouse right on your desktop.

We also like using the phrase if "its not broke don't fix it," and with that being said, we are always on the lookout for great companies that can provide useful tools already created that we can integrate into our systems. That brings me to Ksplice. Ksplice offers a new tool called Ksplice Uptrack that will automatically update your servers kernel, and numerous other patches, without having to reboot the server when the update is completed. We are an exclusive partner with Ksplice, which means that no other hosting company will be offering this any time soon. Keep an eye out for a great video we put together explaining this fabulous new tool.

Innovation is key, and we guarantee that we are always working on new exciting things that will make an already enjoyable experience an even better one at SingleHop. Thanks for reading, and please feel free to put new ideas in your comments -- we have only gotten this far with the support from all our clients. Happy brainstorming, or as we call it: “wouldn’t it be nice if ... time."