SingleHop Bailout System

I'd like to take some time to discuss the new Bailout System we've just released. If you're a client, you can access the system through our Leap Control Panel. Simply select your server and initiate the Bailout Mode. The system reboots your dedicated server and then uses PXE (Netboot) to boot it into the bailout environment.

If your server has a Linux based operating system, you will be able to SSH into it after initiating Bailout Mode. The environment is a complete Linux system with all the usual utilities. You can check your disks with fdisk and fsck, mount your disks and edit files using text editors like nano and vim. You can also chroot into your regular system and get access to all the software installed there as well as install new software using your regular package manager.

Windows clients get a Windows PE 2.0 based Bailout System that they are able to VNC into.

The Windows Bailout System enables you to do things like edit your registry, change your administrator password, run chkdsk or any other command line utility and backup files from a normally unbootable server.  You may also install any software you wish temporally as there is a fully working copy of Internet Explorer 7 installed.

Some of you may wonder how much time and effort was put into this system.  The real answer is hard to figure out, we built this system ontop of the existing systems that we use to install servers for customers without ever leaving the comfort of our office chairs (Auto Provisioning).  The Linux system has been in use internally for a few months now and the Windows system was put together in the space of about 4 days by me.

In the coming weeks and months we will be adding additional value to these systems by including popular utilities and scripts.