SingleHop Announces Cascade- A New Generation of Cloud Services

Spring is finally creeping into Chicago and with it comes one of SingleHop's most exciting announcements to date. Today, we officially announced our cloud hosting platform, Cascade.

While we must keep the details slim, we can assure you that what you love about your dedicated servers will not change, and what you yearn for in cloud computing will be a reality. We know this all sounds a bit too good to be true, yet our world-class technicians and engineers have created what we believe is the best combination of dedicated server technology and cloud hosting advantages. This blending, or "cascading" of technologies, to create something faster, more stable, and more capable is what we set out to do and have been able to accomplish.

At SingleHop we like skydiving a good bit. In fact, the majority of the company recently jumped out of a plane in celebration of growth last year. Earlier this year, we launched our breakthrough reseller system named Tandem, as in tandem skydiving. Today we take another cue from skydiving in naming "Cascade":  when you blend two parachute lines into a stronger and more efficient one you are "cascading" the lines together. And when it comes to dedicated servers and cloud hosting, our new platform cascades both technologies into a more powerful, efficient, and effective solution.

It pays to RSVP with SingleHop.
If you would like more information on Cascade, we promise that it pays to RSVP. Just send an email to with the subject title "Cascade RSVP". We'll make it worth your while, we promise.