SingleHop and the EFF Team Up!

If you saw our website on Internet Blackout Day or read Sam Bowling's excellent blog post on SOPA/PIPA, you know that Singlehop is not afraid to take a public stance to protect the Internet. We love what we do, we'd like to continue doing it, and this is impossible without an Internet where we can all find each other -- something SOPA/PIPA would compromise.

Actually, we frequently do stuff to make the world a better place. We donate to local charities and support awesome organizations. But we love it most of all when what we do and what the world needs from us overlap.

Recently, we loaned some of our awesome hardware to the EFF to help with their SSL Observatory project. This was a perfect match for us, because we could support a great cause which is important to us, and do that by doing what we're best at -- providing blazing fast servers and an excellent network. Running on Singlehop hardware, the observatory will scan the entire Internet and gather data on every website that's protected by SSL security, looking for vulnerabilities or fake certificates. The EFF will be publishing all of the data gathered and, if there are any problems, will alert website operators and certificate vendors to get those problems fixed.

SSL is a vital technology which secures everything from your e-mail to your credit card numbers -- without it, our business, and the businesses of many of our customers, would not be possible. We are happy to help keep the technology secure. We think that the results of this scan will be important news -- don't be surprised if you hear about Singlehop on your favorite tech news site in the next few months.

Support the EFF!