SingleHop and SiteLock Partnership.

SingleHop and SiteLock are partnering!

Today we announced the addition of SiteLock to our Tandem offering, which is available to you and your clients, for a free three month trial! SiteLock is a trusted name in web security and can help you and your clients in the online world with a verified degree of security and safety attached to your web site(s).

If you or your clients are concerned about safety and potential security issues, here are a few things SiteLock can help prevent:

  • Hackers seeing your customer data
  • Blocked emails
  • Malware on your site
  • Credibility issues with your clients
  • Low conversion rates

This is how SiteLock works:

This is a great offering, and an opportunity to lend some credibility to your site, and also gives ourTandem Resellers another item to offer their client base. To read our press release checkout:

If you want to try out SiteLock go to:

If you want to learn more about the Tandem Server Reseller program go to Http://