SingleHop Accepted to the Chicago-Land Better Business Bureau

This may seem like an insignificant fact, after-all, almost every business is a member of the BBB. To SingleHop, however, it means that the BBB is recognizing our unique platform to provide highly personal, highly customizable and high quality hosting services to our members. To view our BBB accreditation page please visit this link: BBB Verification Page for SingleHop, Inc.

Membership in the BBB requires that we, as a business, conduct ourselves in a professional and reasonable manner. We are required to abide by strict advertising guidelines, and are required to address customer complaints promptly. Both things that we already do on a day-by-day basis.

Combined with our other recognitions, including two-time winning of the coveted Editor's Choice Award, receiving the Best Dedicated Server Provider award from the Web Hosting Directory and the extremely-hard-to-get Editor's Choice Award from the Web Hosting Magazine & Buyer's Guide, this accreditation serves to further solidify SingleHop has a high-quality provider of affordable managed dedicated servers.

And with that, I'm out.