SingleHop 1,2,3- all of them FAST.

The INC 500 list- that is the list of the 500 fastest growing companies in America, was officially released a few days ago and includedSingleHop as the #58th fastest growing firm in the nation with increased revenues between 2006 and 2009 of 3896%!

While we already mentioned the exciting news on our blog last week, our celebration has only begun. Being inducted into the hollowed halls of the Inc 500 is monumental on several fronts. First of all, it shows that we are following in the (good) steps of giants that came before us. Giants such as HP, Microsoft, Zappos, Amazon, Gateway, Oracle, and many other extremely distinguished IT and technology companies. Second, it demonstrates the incredible tenacity and hard work that everyone at SingleHop has put in to get to this place. Finally, it shows that even in the midst of difficult economic times growth can happen through ingenuity, hard work, and being located in a great place like Chicago.

So down to the numbers, SingleHop is:

#1 Fastest Growing Webhosting company.

#2 Fastest Growing Company in Chicago.

#3 Fastest Growing IT Company!

Go SingleHop!

If you would like to learn more- read up on our latest press release: Here